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Updates for 4/18/2015 and onward

2015-04-18 19:42:47 by JohnTheHedgechidna

Whoo boy, haven't been on this site for awhile. Honestly been so busy I'd nearly forgotten about it. Anyway, hello everyone! It's time for some updates. I've been pretty busy so this may or may not be a lengthy read.

In terms of animation, I've reuploaded Chaos War Episode 8 to my YouTube channel with some animation, sound effect and dialogue changes.

Hope y'all enjoy the changes and the video!

As for Episode 9: it's still in the works! I'm roughly halfway through with animating; but, there's still plenty more that I'm going to work on!


For artwork there's always my DeviantArt page here:

So if you're interested in new artwork I post (and want more frequent updates) then that's the place for you to go!

Also, I've started doing some livestreams on YouTube that can be viewed! Be sure to do whatever means you wish to use to tune in to future streams! Who knows? I may do more streams of me animating or some spriting sessions. ;)


I think that's about it for now, Thank you all so much for your continuous support and love! May God bless you.


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2015-06-29 16:07:08

Can't wait for Ep 9 of Chaos Wat!


2015-06-29 16:07:46

Can't wait for Ep 9 of Chaos War!


2015-06-29 16:08:10